The first FDA-approved treatment to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines look better in adults. A quick 10-15 minutes in-office treatment that is easy to fit into your busy schedule with minimal to no downtime. Results may be noticeable within 24-48 hours, with full results by day 7. With predictable, subtle results, you maintain your look, only with less noticeable facial lines. Botox® Cosmetic can also be used to treat chronic migraines, chronic muscle tension in shoulders and neck, and masseter reduction.

Moderate to Severe Crow’s Feet Lines

Before After (Day 30)
Actual patient. Results may vary. By prescription only.  Photos taken at full smile before and 30 days after treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic. In 2 clinical studies, 26.1% and 20.3% of adults had a ≥ 2-grade improvement at day 30. In one of these studies, 67.9% had mild or no crow’s feet lines at day 30 after treatment.

Masseter Reduction

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